vegan youtuber

  1. HaleyLauren

    Media Vegan what i eat in a day videos!

    Hi everyone! I share weekly "what I eat in a day videos" on my YouTube channel in hopes of inspiring others to go vegan or incorporate more plants into their diets! I know going vegan can be intimidating at first so I hope my videos can be of some help! :) The recipes I share are healthy, as...
  2. Elizabeth Lucile

    I'm Elizabeth! I'm a vegan youtuber and I love spreading the message!

    Hey all! I am so happy I found this forum. I love nothing more than spreading the vegan message and helping others to go vegan! I found that the easiest way to reach a lot of people is through YouTube, so I've started a vegan YouTube channel where I upload every week day! I also talk about...
  3. B

    The BEST vegan challenge you will ever see

    Hey guys & gals, I want to encourage everyone (meat eater, vegan, newbie vegan, etc) to watch "Sergi G"s 30 day vegan challenge on youtube. Hes fairly new but has exploded since his first upload. (This guy has 4k subs in 3 months of being on youtube). His editing is beyond impressive and is a...