vegan support

  1. P

    Plant Based Photo Project

    Hi there, My name is Paige. I have been vegan for almost three years now. I'm also a photographer who focuses on vegan and plant based living. I'm currently raising funds for a plant based photo project that will bring awareness to this lifestyle on a global scale. I plan to document...
  2. Jinendra Singh

    11 Vegan Books To Read

    Come summer and some of us would be happy lying down on the beach {or pool} entranced by a book rather than kayaking with friends or playing frisbee. For others summer means the stifling heat in the metro, being ever so close to people’s armpits on the commute into work. In a situation like...
  3. Jay

    Product Vegan messages through clothing

    I think promoting Vegan through our clothing choices is important. Send out support to other vegans, and perhaps be the last straw to solidify a new vegan. We are the future. Show your Vegan with JayCo