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  1. A

    Charity Support a vegan restaurant & animal sanctuary

    Hey vegan friends :heart::pig: We are about to open a new restaurant in Portugal, in partnership with a beautiful animal sanctuary, Santôsha, that has rescued over 20 animals and is looking to build more shelters to save more beings and give them a life full of love and respect. But we need...
  2. shyvas

    Vegan Restaurant Reviews

    We have 3 threads.
  3. Andrea

    Vegan Food-Kyoto

    Hello~ I compiled all the vegan food I ate in Kyoto Japan into these short videos: 1. Mumokuteki Cafe (some dishes contain fish stock, all sweets are vegan) 2. Cosy Cafe (all vegan) 3. Ain Soph. Journey (all vegan)...
  4. Andrea

    Vegan Food-Osaka

    This is a quick compilation of all the vegan food I had while in Osaka, Japan~ 1. Aju Kitchen Bar (UPDATE: started selling meat in 2020, limited vegan menu now 😞) 2. Paprika Shokudo (all vegan) 3. Megumi (all vegan)...
  5. Andrea

    Vegan Food-Seoul

    Hello~ I compiled all the vegan food I ate during my trip into this short video! Hope some will find this helpful! 1. Ilmi Hwapyeong Naengmyeon (Incheon) 2. Maru Jayeonsik Kimbap (Insadong) 3. Yoojung Sikdang ARMY HEAVEN!!! (Gangnam) 4. Haemil Bakery (Hongdae) 5. Pan Honesta (Hongdae) 6...
  6. MrsTillyMartin

    Vegan in new york

    My husband and I are going to New York later this year and are looking for recommendations for an great vegan spots...bakery’s, restaurants, coffee shops, anything. Thanks, T