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    Product Vegan coffee mugs

    Hi everyone, I sell some coffee mugs and have a vegan section that I thought some might find of interest. If you go to Etsy, search for TheProfanityShop and look for the Vegan section. My best seller is the vegan protein mug :-) Cheers, Alice
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    Transitioning to veganism but need help

    Hello, I recently made the commitment to follow a plant based diet and am troubled with the weak selection of protein sources. I've searched the internet for sources but most of them contain so little protein and can even have as much fat in them which I am not looking for. I count my...
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    Huel - New vegan, nutritionally complete food powder

    I hope this doesn't class as spamming, but I've just started working for this new UK startup called Huel, who produce vegan, nutritionally complete food powder, that is low GI and high in protein (rice and pea). I thought this might be interesting for fellow vegans, who are busy and don't always...