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    News Dairy Farmer Goes Vegan After Industry Made Her Suicidal
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    Cory Booker Proposes A Bill To Shutdown Factory Farming
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    Vegan Movie Review: Joaquin Phoenix's The Animal People
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    Victory! Federal Court Strikes Down Anti Vegan Meat Law
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    Moby Just Got A Vegan Face Tattoo
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    Media 125 Vegan Snacks You Can Buy In The U.S. vegaClick here to see the article
  7. Emma JC

    News Livekindly News out today

    I am starting a new thread for this as it was started before the News prefix was available. Emma JC Meet The 'VEGAN MAFIA Meet the 'Vegan Mafia.' Who are they? They are a group of powerful vegan investors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who are investing in a sustainable future.