vegan milk

  1. Indian Summer

    US America's first milk was vegan milk

    A surprising discovery by food journalist Avery Yale Kamila:
  2. Emma JC

    News America's largest milk producer files for bankruptcy

    This is great news for cows! and for the health of Americans! and I am so sorry if it affects people's livelihoods, pensions etc and hope that they are able to find new income sources in non-animal-hurtin' ways. Emma JC
  3. Whoa182

    Plant-based milks on the rise: A quarter of Britons are drinking them

    Good news! It's great to see real progress being made like this. Even just 5 years ago things seemed very different... And I guess it's not surprising either that younger people are able to change more easily than older people. I suppose growing up and having all the information presented to...