vegan cafe

  1. Andrea

    Service Tokyo-List of Restaurants & Cafes I've been to

    Hi everyone! I went to Tokyo several times and I've gathered all the vegan food I ate in these short videos. Hope some of you find this helpful 🌱 1) COCO Ichibanya (Curry House Chain, everywhere) 2) Zen Okonomiyaki 3) Chipoon...
  2. C

    Vegan cafe questionaire for project report

    Hello, I was wondering if you could spare around 5 minutes of your time to complete my questionnaire. It is to support my project report for my Business Investigation Level 5 module. The questionnaire can be found here: The research will focus on...
  3. D

    Video: Cookies and Scream and other good places to eat in London

    Hi everyone It'd mean the world if you checked out my YouTube Video, it really is a big help!!! :) So i recently did a Vlog in London where I went to take a look at Cookie's and Scream Vegan Bakery in Camden. It was AMAZING. There are also some other places worth visiting mentioned in the video...
  4. L

    Charity Support the calf sanctuary...An inspirational story... Please check out the links :) (Hopefully this is allowed)