vegan 2020

  1. mrivera92

    US Vegan Survey! I need your help!:

    Hello there! I am currently helping design a really cool app that helps vegans find vegan based restaurants/grocery stores. I am in the research phase and I would love if anyone could fill out this quick survey! It's super quick and easy! Thank you :) Check out the survey here: Online Survey...
  2. J

    Help with research paper

    Hi everybody! For my college course innovation and change, we need to conduct research on a certain topic and come up with some innovative idea on how to improve our topic. As someone very conscious about what I eat, I chose "how can we reduce the usage of animal products". In the first...
  3. V

    UK Vegan baby food Offer

    Vivalicious Baby food on Amazon Uk Enjoy 2 for 1 six packs of organic, natural, with added Vegan omega 3 oil baby food for a limited time! Check the link for Amazon terms and conditions.
  4. R

    Project-Looking for vegan couples/Wedding Planning

    Hello, I currently looking for vegan couples to interview for a school project. I am in a UX (user experience) class and we are currently developing app ideas. Before we start development, we need to understand specific user needs. I thought that it might be an interesting niche idea to develop...
  5. A

    Service My new life!!!

    My name is Alexandar and i have a girlfriend Evelina. Me and my girlfriend try for year's to become vegan and so many struggle's.. the path wasn't easy.. we liked to eat everything we see.. but with people like you we manage to do it!! Our first progress was when we found a program for amonth...