1. Damo

    New additions

    Hello! We've included two new forums "Philosophy" & "Environment", you'll also notice that a few forums have moved out of the main "Veganism" section to "Lifestyle", this is purely because the main veganism section was becoming a little crowded, plus the moved forums sit more comfortably in...
  2. VeganForum

    Updates/Changes - Prefixes

    Greetings. We changed domains Earlier today we moved the forum from our .co.uk to our .org domain. Anyone that visits our old domain will be re-directed to our current, you will need to log back into your account though everything else remains the same. Ads Prefixes The ads section is...
  3. Damo

    New Smilies!

    A small update, we're rocking new smilies! Take a look for yourself...
  4. Damo

    New forums/style

    Two new forums have been added for the category "veganism" Ads Support Also it's snowing! On the forum that is, we've turned a little Christmassy which is obviously just for Christmas! If you would like to revet to the standard green theme click here.