1. L

    Started a new track. please help!

    This is my first post so I'll jump right into it. I've been thinking about becoming Vegan for a long time now and am getting ready to make the transition. I'm a college student who is going to join the military soon and then get a degree to work in criminal justice based jobs. I'm a pretty big...
  2. Sashiku

    Trying to go vegan, having a few problems. looking for advice.

    So. I've been interested in going vegan for years now. It wasn't possible till recently due to living with very selfish meat eaters that would always buy what they wanted except they let me have almond milk. Now that I'm finally on my own again *two weeks now* I'm finally happy that I will be...
  3. A

    New vegan

    Hello, I am a vegetarian trying Vegan for 30days! So far, it have been wonderful and i am really enjoying the challenge of finding new products, or new menu items. I am very much missing pizza though. So far i have been only using this product...
  4. poohwinner

    How to prepare meals without oils?

    I have heard many bad things about oils (not only health but also bad for nature and animals). So I want to use them as less as possible. How can I do that? How do you prepare foods? Tips are welcome!