1. R

    Juicy Marbles Vegan Steaks

    Hello, What is anyone here’s opinion on the Juicy Marbles vegan steaks? I got some in Waitrose, and then I also got some in Tesco. I think they are bloody great! Great texture! They even bleed beet juice (no, not Beetlejuice, beet juice)! They are stringy and chewy. Perhaps their only...
  2. Emma JC

    Tesco Ad and the Backlash

    I just watched Earthling Ed's latest video titled "Farmers & Media Lose Their Minds Over Tesco Ad". A great video and Ed shows how sensitive the farmers and their associations can be and the benefit of the controversy. Emma JC
  3. Damo

    Perfect World Taste Of Carrot Cake Ice Cream

    Saw this in Tesco today, thought to myself "Sweet! More ice cream for me!", it actually shows on the container "dairy free". But wait! Scanning through the ingredients... What?! "Free Range Egg Yolk" is apparently not classed as dairy now that's amazing... It's okay you can eat egg yolk now...