1. Second Summer

    Jihadi terrorism

    I don't think most of the islamist terrorists are mentally ill exactly, just indoctrinated and/or radicalised to a point where they see terrorism as an acceptable tool, or rather, the only tool left. And why is that? Because the Muslim World and the Western World are at war. In fact, we've been...
  2. Second Summer

    Privacy vs security

    More: Brussels attacks rekindle privacy vs. security debate in Europe (26. March 2016) It has been said that while borders within the EU (or at least the Schengen countries) have been removed, so there is free flow of people (and terrorists and explosives etc!) the national intelligence...
  3. Andy_T

    News All Lives Do Not Matter

    Hello, please read this very interesting article / opinion piece about what is wrong with excessively mourning the Paris terror victims, but at the same time forgetting about the victims in Baghdad killed a day earlier (or the 20,000 who die every day from hunger) All Lives Don't Matter The...