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    Vegan community study

    Survey (google form) link Hi everyone! I posted this survey a while back, however I am still needing more respondents!! It would really be of great help :) I am an undergraduate student investigating community. I have chosen the Vegan Forum to be part...
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    Survey Vegan questionnaire

    Hello lovely vegans! :heart::cool: Take a moment to reflect on your vegan practice by completing this short questionnaire: [[............]] By anonymously completing...
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    Survey Ict food festival survey

    Hi all, I have to do a food festival survey for my IT GCSE. It has to be impartial but obviously I would prefer the vegan options to appear as top to prove a point. I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks
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    Survey anonymous survey

    hello, i'm a college student in a research methodology class. I'm working on a research paper and i have a quick survey for anyone with a few extra minutes. It's only 10 questions and it's anonymous. Any responses would be greatly appreciated, thank you! Below is the link...