1. R

    Bullfighting and Spain 🇪🇸

    Hi 👋, We are in Spain 🇪🇸. I’m an animal rights person and can get upset about animal cruelty. I’m concerned about encountering bullfighting and other cruelty whilst over here. We’re in Xabia, Alicante. Do you think 🤔 we will encounter bullfighting? May you and all sentient beings be perfectly...
  2. R

    Ban the unnecessary use and sale of real fur

    Please sign and share my petition. Warning: There are potentially upsetting images and information on Gopetition. Thank you.
  3. Damo


    I'm leaving for Spain at the beginning of April it's my first time abroad! (dislike planes) I have all my bathroom stuff sorted, didn't realise for liquids you can only take up to 100ml for each container that must not exceed 1 litre but there doesn't appear to be a limit for cargo luggage...