1. Blues

    Life Sciences A crashed Israeli Lunar Lander spilled tardigrades on the Moon
  2. Second Summer

    Space Sciences Woman from space returns

    Also, especially for @sleepydvdr : Curve! She's referring to the curvature of the Earth! More: Record-breaking astronaut comes back to Earth (3. September 2017)
  3. MadamSarcastra

    Space Sciences TELEPORTATION

    Well, they finally did it! :D A single photon is the first object to be teleported from the ground to an orbiting satellite Beam me up, Scotty! Scientists teleport photons 300 miles into space What ‘teleporting’ a photon to space means
  4. T

    Space Sciences Astronomical Events news thread

    How about a "news" thread alerting us to upcoming or recent astronomical events, like meteor showers, comets, that small (~50 feet / 15 meter wide?) asteroid that came within 50,000 miles of Earth recently, etc? A few meteor showers occur rather regularly, although the show can vary, and I think...