1. Sylvain M

    Can vegans be in relationship with non vegan ?

    Being vegan isn't easy, you have to be a person that can respect rules. Someone who understands and respects others. A one who cares for others, not only for himself. I can't force someone to eat the same diet than me, or I'll become his[or her] manager, his doctor. That's not what we really...
  2. Laura Monk

    Any single vegans in southern california?

    Any singles in Southern California? I would like to throw a party for all the single vegans in SoCal. :)
  3. love&kale

    Service Cherry picking your vegan dreamboat!

    Hey Guys! KaleDate is a vegan exclusive dating site! You can find your vegan match at! A dating site for the passionate people to cherry pick their future S.O.! Sometimes it’s hard to find other vegans let alone in your area. You can use us to find new vegtepals as well as the...