1. Lollipotts

    UK Lollipotts-Vegan Chocolate Shop

    Hi there guys, Sorry if this isn't an appropriate place to post this, but I've just started up a website for my shop, Lollipotts, that's been selling at markets for a while now and we want to get our name out there! We're 100% vegan chocolatiers with a passion for the weird and wacky! If...
  2. Chef Mani Mania

    Product Go beyond the diet

    Ello! I am Chef Mani Mania, an Executive Vegan Pastry Chef and owner of Vegan Mania Merch. I have a vegan dessert food blog and an online merchandise store. Essentially, I am a hardcore vegan on a mission to end mind, body, and soul malnutrition. My current aspirations are to spread awareness of...
  3. B

    Product Get some cool vegan stuff-a charitable donation is made for each order

    I have been trying to find ways to raise some funds for several animal welfare/vegan charities. This online store is what I came up with. I hope to end up with a long list of charities/organizations that we support. Check out our website and message and let me know who I should research. Any...
  4. M

    Product Vegan accessories & clothing store

    Hey! I'm new to this forum and I just wanted to share my vegan store with you guys: It is made for people who are proud vegans and are not afraid to admit it! Also: If you have a blog, a popular ig account or facebook page , or a youtube channel - I would love to...
  5. T

    Product Vegan fashion - feedback needed

    Hi guys, About a year ago I decided I’d had enough of shopping from fashion brands that don’t share my vegan life outlook. But on the other hand, it was too time-consuming to search the net for everyday items from vegan-only brands or to sift through so-called vegan-friendly sites, and so on...
  6. jessicade

    Product Vegan cosmetics shop ! we need your support !

    Hello ! My name's Jessica, I'm a student in Geneva, Switzerland. First of all, I'm sorry for my english and I hope I don't disturb you with this post :-) As everybody here, I LOVE animals, and that's why I would like to become a lawyer in animal rights. But one year ago, I discover that a lot...
  7. theTheFriendlyFire

    Product Hello from london!

    Hello Everyone! Good to be here with such a friendly bunch :) Rather than bore you with how much I love nature and animals (which obviously makes sense right?) I would love to share something with you. I went vegan about 5 years ago and got so passionate about it that I wanted to share it with...
  8. V

    Product Just opened Vegan Little, an online shop =]

    10% of sales help animals. I'd appreciate if you take a look. Much love, Country of origin: USA