1. oliver thomas

    My luxury vegan dessert business - nominated for an award

    Hello, My new business selling premium chilled plant-based desserts, to be eaten hot, has been nominated in the Vegan start-up category in Vegan Food & Living Magazine's 2019 Awards!! It would mean a lot if you could take the time to vote for us(Nature's nectar desserts) in the start-up...
  2. R

    Speaking UP when I don't Agree!

    Hi, I am pretty much vegan, and I am a caring animal advocate. However, when I hear about or see something I don’t agree with, I usually don’t speak up about because I’m afraid that my mum and/or the other person in question will get angry. I’m sensitive and afraid of my mum’s anger. I’m 22, but...
  3. W

    When media representation gets 'vegan' so very wrong

    There's that moment when you are watching a favourite TV series, new film, vlog, listening to the radio, or engaging particularly with any arts-media form and you hear the word 'vegan': you think 'oh that's cool - good for us' (well, as a vegan myself, I think that). Watching Season 3 of...