1. B

    Amino supplement for my vegan brother

    Hey, Alright guys, I need serious advice from people of veganforum. My brother has 22 years next week and I want to buy him this product It`s Amino supplement, we used to going to gym sometimes together, so I think it could be nice...
  2. Susanne A.

    Product These essential oils are w o n d e r f u l!

    I have already mentioned this on here but I've just came across this sub-section. As a person who is gradually transitioning into more and more 'natural', 'eco' lifestyle I stopped using 'commercial, conventional' makeup and perfume. But as a very girly girl I needed some sort of substitute. I...
  3. A

    Survey Skincare research

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to start a vegan skincare brand in the next 6 months and thought this would be a fantastic place to do some research. It's linked below via Survey Monkey and doesn't require any personal details or anything like that and it should take around 3 minutes. Thank you for...
  4. Mooki


    i have some warburtons potato cakes here and I'm unsure if they are vegan or not any ideas? It has E475 which could be animal fat or plant based...:p Also anybody have any good meal ideas (vegan).
  5. R

    Help choosing name for vegan food company :-)

    Hi Everyone! I'm very new to the world of Vegan and I absolutely love it- so much so that I've decided to set up a small buisness making vegan, raw, gluten free, refined sugar free snacks. I can't decide on the name for my company - so far I've narroweed it down to: 1. The Bare Kitchen 2...
  6. Studentwithaquestion

    Survey Please help - vegan pre packaged lunches

    Hi vegan community I am a marketing student from Dublin Ireland . Here we do not have many vegan packaged foods available conveniently and as part of my marketing project I am hoping to discuss the idea of packaged vegan ready meals available for students to purchase for lunch in the canteen...