1. Momoniak

    Help-estrogen free vegan life?

    Hello, I have a problem with estrogen and my body hates meat. What can I eat to have a sufficient amount of proteins, B-complex, and iron? Thank you all in advance :)) BB xoxo
  2. A

    Are earrings generally vegan?

    Weird question, I'm aware, but meat's snuck into almost everything, the screens of your phones, your batteries, on and on and on. Are earrings usually animal-product-free? Are there any signifiers to help recognize that they contain any?? For some context, I'm mainly on this forum because, due...
  3. M

    How to help friends with trouble being vegan

    In the past, my friend went vegan for a couple of months but she returned to eating meat again for a few months then she went back to being vegan for half a year now. Recently, she told me that she has not been happy being vegan because she would always get sad about the things she could not...
  4. Damo

    Rat/mouse problem

    So I saw a post this morning of a vegan retailer getting slammed because of their inhumane way of dealing with their pest problem and I didn't quite understand what the problem was. Rats/mice spread germs and disease, I get that there's other ways to trap mice without killing them but what...