1. F

    End all EU subsidies for animal agriculture

    Make your voice heard: European Citizens' Initiative --- Article: European Commission Approves End The Slaughter Age Initiative to Transfer Animal Ag Subsidies to Alt-Protein - vegconomist
  2. Gobser

    Support my petition-To turn off meat advertisement.

    Please, support my petition for Google to create an option for vegans to Block meat advertisment. I am not a user of this forum, I am just a vegan neophite from Russia, but these ads offend and disgust me. I would greatly appreciate if you could support my petition to Google. I hope together...
  3. R

    Greece 🇬🇷 Animals Petition

    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help the animals of Greece 🇬🇷. Thank you 😊. Best Christmas 🎄 Wishes to all, Rory. Have the best day and night ever!
  4. R

    Anti-Fishing Petition

    Hi ?, Please sign and share this petition to help stop sport fishing. Thank you ?.
  5. R


    Hi , This isn’t animal-related, but please, please, please, please sign and share this petition. I’m desperate for signatures. This is to help save a sick little boy. This drug could save his life...
  6. R

    Samsung: speak out against the korean dog meat industry

    Hi , Please sign and share my petition. Warning: Descriptions/references to animal cruelty. Thank you. Have a great day (and night)!
  7. Amy SF

    NZ Sam Neill eats a plastic bag, but for a good cause

    Petition: Ban the Plastic Bag | GREENPEACE
  8. silva

    US Sign petition to make Aldi vegan line permanent!

    Aldi featured a line of vegetarian and vegan foods under the brand Earth Grown - for one week! They went so fast many people never got to try any, other than burgers which have lingered. There vegan hot dogs were like Lightlife, the meatless meatballs and vegan cheese like what Trader Joes...
  9. R

    Please sign this petition

    Hello, I have a petition I desperately need signatures on. I am planning on doing more than just this petition when it comes to all I can legally to save these birds. But the first step is getting 1,000 signatures to start. The story of what is going on is in the petition description. I am the...
  10. R

    Petition Petition against unnecessary hunting

    Hi! Please sign and share my petition. Thank you. Have a great day!
  11. R

    Petitions to sign

    Please sign and share these petitions. I'm sure you guys are all used to images and information about suffering, but please be warned that Gopetition can have some upsetting content relating to animals, people (including children) and environmental/habitat destruction. Please be sure to warn...
  12. nikiaresti

    Vegan Petition UK - Please Sign

    Would love to get backing on this! Petition: To teach UK pupils how food choices impact the environment. No other single activity has a bigger impact on the planet than the raising of livestock for meat, milk and eggs. By adding to the school curriculum we can introduce positive environmental...
  13. Damo

    Help Saving Horses?

    Greetings! A friend who lives in Norfolk needs some help with a petition, basically someone has left a few horses on Council property... If they're not removed by the owner they'll be slaughtered. Petition here, photos here. If you could sign that would be awesome :)