1. J

    Question Animal cruelty VS Nazi violence

    Hello! Working on text about correlation between being cruel with animals and being cruel with humans. Checking facts. If you have any info about following questions, please help: 1. I’ve heard from some lectures, that Nazis took their methods for death camps from meat industry. That the...
  2. B

    Product Activist

    Hi, I'm an artist and new vegan activist. I'm selling these shirts that I created using my personal artwork to spread the vegan message, and to raise money to support my activism. I'm planning on traveling around and having conversations with people on college campuses, as well as other places...
  3. Mooki


    i have some warburtons potato cakes here and I'm unsure if they are vegan or not any ideas? It has E475 which could be animal fat or plant based...:p Also anybody have any good meal ideas (vegan).