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  1. C

    Vegan Supermarkets

    Hi everyone! I'm currently looking up at setting up a zero-waste supermarket, potentially with delivery - if we can find ways to avoid CO2 and wasteful packaging. If anyone here could take a few minutes to fill out a simple survey for market research that would be fantastic! Should only take a...
  2. Jinendra Singh

    Anyone knows about vegan shopping website in germany

    hello, friends, I'm looking for vegan shopping websites in Germany. I want to place an order for the cousin on his birthday and just want to surprise him with the special vegan gift. So please help me to find out vegan websites.
  3. michael white

    Product We so vegan

    Hello people I hope you are having an amazing cruelty free weekend, I wanted to introduce myself first the reason I joined this forum as I discovered some incredible recipes on here that lead to some really good eating. My name is Michael but my partner Marta may also be writing on here...