nonvegan parents

  1. sandra5673

    Am i spoiled because i don't eat meat?

    So I live with my parents, my mom today prepared meat for mothers day. I have stopped eating meat a while ago. I said accepted to eat meat only in special ocassions if necesary. But today at lunch, I didn't feel ok eating it. I have not eaten meat for a while and I am now very aware of how...
  2. R

    Did you convince your family to go vegan?

    Were they big time meat-eaters who would get defensive if you brought up veganism before? How did you convince your family to go vegan?
  3. R

    How could I persuade my family to go vegan?

    Hello 👋, I’m mostly vegan. I went vegetarian at age 13, and “vegan” at 20. I am now 24. My family eat meat every day, often twice a day. They would claim to like/love animals (we have three cats, my mum and sister are cat people and often talk about/comment on animals, and my dad is a...
  4. R

    How should I have this conversation with my parents?

    Hello 👋, As you may know from my other posts and profile, I’m an animal rights person. I’m semi-vegan. Anyhow, I’m against captivity for wild animals, including dolphins and whales, the exception being sanctuaries and rescues. However, my family would like to go to Florida next year. We’ve been...
  5. Kaley

    My mom won't let me go vegan.

    Okay, so I live with my mom. I have a twin sister that lives with my dad. I've been vegetarian for a little while and it's really easy. My mom is really healthy ,but she eats meat. My twin sister was vegetarian for like 4-5 months. She and my friend are together vegetarian. I'm 13 years old. My...