non-vegan family

  1. S

    Going vegan I think

    Hi, I've been vegetarian ish for 4 years, the two more recent years, very on and off. I'm 17, so still live at home and my mum n dad are completely against me being a vegetarian, (veganism is literally out of the question) I eat meat but It's completely not my choice, I've tried to reason with...
  2. C

    Handling non-vegan gifts from family

    My aunt gave me a few non-vegan xmas presents. She lives far away and I don't see her often. She's very nice and we get along, but because we haven't spent much time together, we aren't close. She comes from another country from me where vegans aren't very common. I was vegetarian for years...
  3. PlantPoweredMermaid

    Disagreements with non-vegan sibling

    My brother, who is three years younger than me (I am a teenager), seems to be very close-minded when it comes to the reasons for being an ethical vegan. He doesn't understand how the milk, egg, honey, etc. industries are cruel and often asks me why, so I give him a logical and clear explanation...