1. TofuRobot

    Vegan World Alliance

    This is pretty cool!: FOUR COUNTRIES UNITED TO FORM VEGAN WORLD ALLIANCE The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are partnering to be a unified voice for vegan issues globally.
  2. W

    News round-up Jan '16

    The most significant vegan news. Good and bad. Swiss military man declared unfit for duty with the Swiss Army because he refused to wear leather: Vegetarians and vegans boycott Gourmet Burger Kitchen...
  3. W

    News round-up Nov/Dec

    Hi all. If you like the idea of having a major vegan news round-up from time to time, let me know and I'll make it a regular feature! See article here. I don't know if anyone here has been keeping up with the story but the American Egg Board & Unilever filed a lawsuit against Just Mayo - a...