milk alternatives

  1. corajanemeade

    How to avoid (plant-based) milk waste

    when i buy plant-based milk, as I am the only one in my house that drinks it, I never finish it before it goes out of date. I use it in oats, tea, smoothies etc. but i don't use it all. Does anyone have suggestion on what milk lasts the longest and what to do with leftovers, can you freeze it...
  2. D

    A Vegan Coffee Whitener That I Swear by!

    Hi everyone, I am an employee of a company 'Discount Coffee', Myself and a few of my workmates have been vegans for a while now and have been trying to launch a new vegan milk substitute product to the market for some time. After months of testing, we are glad to say we are one of the first...
  3. H

    Best milk alternatives?

    Hello! I’ve been veggie for 5 years and recently turned vegan, only problem is I can’t find a milk alternative that I like to have with coffee and cereals :( I’ve tried soy(sweetened and unsweetened), almond, coconut and oat. I just don’t like the taste of any of them for some reason, almond...
  4. Jaydoesitgood

    Vegan "milk" chocolate?

    I hate dark chocolate, its very bitter and doesnt taste good to me. Ive yet to find any vegan alternatives to milk chocolate that I like. Now I need it pretty badly for a recipe. Anyone have any recommendations?