1. U treatment of lifestyle diseases(through medical nutrition therapy)

    Using food as medicine to reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. What do you think, is it possible?
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    Hair loss

    Hello! I've been vegan for a year and a few months. I was vegetarian a year before going vegan. I'm having reoccurring hair loss ever since changing my diet. I'm 18, so it can't be due to age. Random patches of thinning hair and breakage. This has happened twice as an omnivore, but it's due to...
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    Veganism: what if you keep getting ill?

    A little bit of vegan controversy... oops. Currently I am vegan and have been since April 2014. I am not just a dietary vegan but an ethical one too, so I'm very committed to living this way. But for some (the few, not the many) veganism is not quite the cure-all anticipated, despite the...