1. Second Summer

    Life Sciences Mars rover finds organic compounds

    More: Nasa Mars rover finds organic matter in ancient lake bed (7. June 2018) It's not clear whether the compounds were produced by living organisms or chemical processes. A second study mentioned towards the end of the article reveals that there are seasonal patterns to the methane levels in...
  2. Second Summer

    Life Sciences Daily Express: Mars surface covered in deadly bacteria!

    More: Mars move OFF? Researchers find DEADLY bacteria on Red Planet (10. July 2017) That's interesting, because so far we haven't detected any kind of life on Mars, not even microscopic life :) I think maybe the journalists at The Daily Express need to go back and read those science reports...
  3. Second Summer

    Space Sciences Liquid water on Mars?

    NASA is doing a press conference later today headlined "NASA to announce Mars mystery solved". Based on the names scheduled to be on the press conference panel, the suspicion is that the announcement has to do with a discovery of liquid water on the planet. So it's a bit exciting, as liquid...