1. silva

    1-14-18 Free vegan Kindle books on amazon!

    Today, sunday 1-14, has LOADS of free vegan cookbooks.! Whether you like amazon or not- they're free-you don't even need a kindle, you can get them on smart phone or PC (Clueless about apple) They have so many - from beginner vegan, gourmet, baking, raw, healthy, keto, pressure...
  2. B

    Product #1 newly released vegan kindle book now only $0.99!

    Hello everyone, I just released "How To Start A Vegan Diet: The Basics Of Vegan Eating, Weight Loss, And Muscle Building" on Kindle and it has quickly climbed to the first page of all vegan Kindle books! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded so far :) It is the perfect introduction to...