1. Andrea

    Vegan Food-Kyoto

    Hello~ I compiled all the vegan food I ate in Kyoto Japan into these short videos: 1. Mumokuteki Cafe (some dishes contain fish stock, all sweets are vegan) https://goo.gl/maps/xB8ygNUHjr92 2. Cosy Cafe (all vegan) https://goo.gl/maps/yU3KsU7igyz 3. Ain Soph. Journey (all vegan)...
  2. Andrea

    Vegan Food-Osaka

    This is a quick compilation of all the vegan food I had while in Osaka, Japan~ 1. Aju Kitchen Bar (UPDATE: started selling meat in 2020, limited vegan menu now 😞) https://goo.gl/maps/uFW9mLhR2v52 2. Paprika Shokudo (all vegan) https://goo.gl/maps/EkMmJpqiGo62 3. Megumi (all vegan)...
  3. meib

    Tip for vegans traveling/living in Japan

    Just wanted to send a quick tip to fellow vegans who are living or traveling to Japan. I live in Tokyo, and I definitely know the struggle of being vegan here… Though while in Japan I obviously want to enjoy its incredible food culture without having to worry about the inclusion of dashi or fish...
  4. Andrea

    Media 🇯🇵 Vegan Food in Japan

    Many people assume Japan is not vegan-friendly. MY VIDEOS will prove you wrong! Major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and especially Kyoto have plenty of vegan restaurants! The only downside...high price and small portion 😣 Hope you find these videos helpful~ TOKYO OSAKA KYOTO
  5. Soffiare

    Vegan in japan

    Hey everyone! While I am still not vegan I will be in the near future and since I am travelling to Japan at the end of next january I want to know in advance what (affordable) options do I have Thanks in advance!
  6. Second Summer

    Animal Advocacy Sea Shepherd ceases operations in Southern Ocean

    More: Sea Shepherd says it will abandon pursuit of Japanese whalers (29 August 2017) Also: The Whale Wars Continue