1. Gabby

    Vegan & gluten free in italy

    Hi! I have an upcoming trip to italy, i'll be there for about a month and I was wondering if anyone has any experience eating in italy as a vegan and gluten free. I have a leaky gut and one of the requirements to help fix it is to completely avoid gluten and wheat. I know italy is famous for...
  2. Second Summer

    News Italian lawmaker proposes bill to penalise parents who raise children vegan

    More: Italy proposal to jail vegans who impose diet on children - BBC News
  3. Second Summer

    News Silvio Berlusconi goes vegetarian?

    More: 'We need to do something about ragu': Berlusconi announces he's becoming a veggie (23. February 2016) It seems to be, at least partly, motivated by compassion for animals. The article says his personal medic has devised a diet for him that does include meat, though ...