1. R

    How can i cope with seeing/reading about/ animal cruelty ?

    Hi, I'm a young animal rights advocate. I'm mostly vegan. I do a lot of campaigning on the Internet. With such, I see a lot of really disturbing images and read about upsetting things. I have mental health issues (Autism and anxiety). Here are some of the really disturbing things I've seen/read...
  2. Second Summer

    What can we learn from the Internet of the naughties?

    Does this article resonate with anyone else here? :) I think a lot of this is still valid in the Internet forum world, but not everything, and on the wider Internet things are definitely different now. More: The Lost Commandments of the Internet (Frank Lantz,, 8. Oct. 2018)
  3. Damo

    The battle of the internet

    You may have heard what's happening right now but if you haven't and you're based in the US you NEED to stand up and take action. Apparently this seems to happen every year or so where American telecoms try to remove what's called "internet neutrality" which basically means you're going to be...
  4. Second Summer

    Online Friends

    More: Your Internet Friends Are Real (March 3, 2015) Is the divide between online and real-life friendships getting smaller? Are they really equal? Has Facebook made online friendships more mainstream? And if so, how? Is part of the reason the use of real names instead of nicknames? Something...