graphic design

  1. tlandry27

    T-shirt Printing And Ethical Clothing Brands

    I'm thinking about getting some products for my business. T-Shirts for clients and maybe some other bits, water bottles maybe? Or something else that can provide value and use. I need to ensure everything is ethical and cruelty free though. Does anyone have any ideas on companies to use and...
  2. The Master Of Design

    Service Anyone starting or having a business?

    I have been helping some big companies over the past years to promote themselves in a visual way. I help established businesses but also start-ups to increase their exposure simply by having an attractive design. The quality of your life will depend on the quality of your business and the...
  3. Robin

    Yam man

    I wanted to share I didn't know where to put this, so here I am. I came up with this graphic design. what do you all think.. I call him Yam Man..LOL