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    Anti Fishing Leaflets

    Hello 👋, I’m off to one of my favourite places tomorrow - yay 😀! It is a beach place, and I am very opposed to fishing. I haven‘t got the confidence to actually confront fishers tomorrow - they could get angry and my mum would get angry... I am a young adult female with Autism, by the way...
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    Anti-Fishing Petition

    Hi ?, Please sign and share this petition to help stop sport fishing. Thank you ?.
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    How can I cope with seeing people fishing whilst out?

    Hi ?, I’m an animal rights person and a (near) vegan. I’m against fishing, including catch-and-release fishing. However, when myself and my parents are out like by the sea or canal, we sometimes see people fishing. I think it’s cruel, even if they do put them back. I feel like going up and...