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    Saving Animals on Facebook

    Hello 👋, I am part of a Facebook group called Vegans Vs. Non-Vegans. It’s a debating group. Please look it up, you might be able to help in the fight for the animals on there… Anyhow, on there, I sometimes interact with a farmer guy in the USA (I am in the UK). He showed a photo of a...
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    Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary

    Hello, I have asked the Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary to rescue the pigs from the farms in these videos. They already look after over 1,000 animals at any given time. Please donate to my GoFundMe to help the Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary rescue and care for animals, and educate...
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    Farm Animal Sanctuaries in Devon

    Hello 👋, I would absolutely love for my family to go vegan. I would really love to actually persuade them to go vegan. I hate other people eating meat. When this is all over/when the sanctuaries open again, I would like to take them to an animal sanctuary. My requirements are that it has to be...
  4. Calliegirl

    Fanta the lamb learns to walk

    Edgar's Mission is a farm sanctuary in Victoria, Australia. Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary