1. Gaspard

    Equality & Argument From Marginal Cases: inconsistencies

    The assertion “humans and non-human-animals are not equal” is inconsistent with the Argument From Marginal Cases. Reductio ad absurdum: What ever justification asserts that humans and animals are not equal could be applied to humans only. So this would imply that humans are not all equals...
  2. J

    Question Animal cruelty VS Nazi violence

    Hello! Working on text about correlation between being cruel with animals and being cruel with humans. Checking facts. If you have any info about following questions, please help: 1. I’ve heard from some lectures, that Nazis took their methods for death camps from meat industry. That the...
  3. Second Summer

    UK Is veganism a protected belief?

    More: Sacked vegan claims discrimination in landmark case (4. Dec. 2018) I'm not quite sure I understand how he can claim he was discriminated against on basis of being vegan, as to me it sounds more like he was sacked because he was sacked simply for disclosing information to the other...