educating family

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    Hello 👋, I’m Autistic. I went from veggie back to vegan again recently. I am extremely passionate for animals. I love animals (especially dogs, but I love and care about farm animals in general and as individuals, too, in particular Benji the bullock whom I encountered and named, the pigs at...
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    How could I persuade my family to go vegan?

    Hello 👋, I’m mostly vegan. I went vegetarian at age 13, and “vegan” at 20. I am now 24. My family eat meat every day, often twice a day. They would claim to like/love animals (we have three cats, my mum and sister are cat people and often talk about/comment on animals, and my dad is a...
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    Handling non-vegan gifts from family

    My aunt gave me a few non-vegan xmas presents. She lives far away and I don't see her often. She's very nice and we get along, but because we haven't spent much time together, we aren't close. She comes from another country from me where vegans aren't very common. I was vegetarian for years...