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  1. B

    Plant based face masks

    Hello! Thought I'd just pop on here as I've seen plant based face masks. 100% compostable single use face masks are being made by a UK based company (Henosis Masks) which you can brand on too I believe! I'd love to see a ban on single use plastic masks, so thought spreading the word would...
  2. T

    Product Corklane site and brand

    Hi all, I would like to invite you to visit Corklane our company is located in Portugal and our products are handcrafted. Our fashion accessories and products are made with the finest Portuguese Cork fabric. We are proud to say that our products are natural and eco-friendly and PETA certified...
  3. Susanne A.

    Product These essential oils are w o n d e r f u l!

    I have already mentioned this on here but I've just came across this sub-section. As a person who is gradually transitioning into more and more 'natural', 'eco' lifestyle I stopped using 'commercial, conventional' makeup and perfume. But as a very girly girl I needed some sort of substitute. I...