eating out

  1. M

    Someone served me meat at a restaurant

    I was on holiday in Greece and we went to a restaurant and I ordered a veggie plate which came with veggie gyros (the waiter even pulled out his phone to translate what it was made of, chickpeas). Meal came, tasted pretty realistic but my non-veggie friend was pretty sure it was veggie. Went...
  2. shyvas

    Vegan Restaurant Reviews

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  3. Queen of Strawberries

    Going to chipotle - any hidden animal products?

    I'm going to Chipotle with my family tonight. I haven't gone there for over two years (I ate meat then). I've looked at their website and they have a list of vegan options - but just to make sure: any hidden animal products I need to know about? thanks!
  4. Jaydoesitgood

    Eating out habit

    I have a terrible terrible habit of eating out. I live in an area where I have a couple of hot spots that have vegan food readily available and when Im stressed I eat out WAY too much. The thing is I LIKE to cook. I have tons of recipes I like, but I just get LAZY. Its not healthy for me an its...
  5. M

    Workplace bullying

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum and looking for some help, even if that might be a link to a relevant post. My bosses often tease me about being vegan and it makes really uncomfortable. This Friday, they are taking everyone out to dinner at a steak house and the jokes have already begun. There is...
  6. A

    I had dairy...

    Okay, here it goes. I am incredibly proud to say I have been vegan for 2 months now. Not once have I felt the urge or craving for meat, dairy, or eggs. I have had a few occasions when I'd accidentally consume something I shouldn't, but it had always been completely unknowingly and I'd instantly...
  7. M

    Survey Eating out frustration!

    Hi everyone. I hope it is ok to post here, please delete if not. I am currently in the process of setting up a website to help find the best Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-free friendly choices, in restaurants in the area and I would love your feedback. I am going to be working with a number of venues...