1. beforewisdom

    Mike Anderson's "Eating" and more now free on Youtube

    Back in the early 00s there was a hot documentary on vegan whole foods plant based diets made by film maker Mike Anderson. It was distributed at vegan & AR gatherings on DVD, and also available on a web site where people were asked to pay it forward by giving the DVD as gifts. Mike Anderson has...
  2. R

    UK books/documentary recommendations?

    Hi everyone, I went vegetarian 7 months ago after reading the book 'Eating Animals' - which was both inspirational and horrifying in equal measure :( The aim is to go vegan and I'm cutting out all non-vegan products gradually :):) I want to read more books similar to Eating Animals to give me...
  3. Foodie

    Media Documentary about vegans and omnivores

    I am creating a documentary about vegan and omnivore relationships (family, romantic, friendship). Because food is such an integral part of our lives, I would like to explore if different diets can affect the relationship. Would anyone be interested in participating? Or know anyone who would be...