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    Strange Scalp Issues With being Vegetarian-Help!

    I was wondering if anyone has gone through what I am going through and could help. I am currently vegetarian (most dairy gone but slowly easing) and my body has a strange reaction to this lifestyle. I have gone from vegetarian to eating meat to vegetarian a couple times in the past couple years...
  2. U

    Vegantreatment.org treatment of lifestyle diseases(through medical nutrition therapy)

    Using food as medicine to reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. What do you think, is it possible?
  3. Second Summer

    Health & Medicine If you were genetically predisposed for incurable disease, would you want to know?

    Let's say you had done one of those DNA tests to learn about your ancestry, would you also want to learn about your risk for genetically determined incurable diseases? (I'm asking because I'm interested in doing one of those ancestry tests myself.) More: Warnings over shock dementia revelations...
  4. Second Summer

    Health Issues Alabama Rot - CRGV

    More: Meet Lulu, the dog who survived Alabama Rot (19. March 2017) I read elsewhere that vets think it's something in the environment that's causing the disease. Anyone got experience with this disease or have thoughts on the causes?