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    Pit bulls and other controversial dogs

    There is no such thing as an all-dangerous/all-aggressive breed/type of dog. There is good and bad in everyone, and there are good and bad in every group, including not just human groups, but also other species/subspecies and particular breeds/types. It’s unfair to generalise all dogs of any...
  2. Second Summer

    UK Is veganism a protected belief?

    More: Sacked vegan claims discrimination in landmark case (4. Dec. 2018) I'm not quite sure I understand how he can claim he was discriminated against on basis of being vegan, as to me it sounds more like he was sacked because he was sacked simply for disclosing information to the other...
  3. Second Summer

    "Ethical veganism" legally recognized in Ontario

    More: Ethical Veganism Now Legally Recognized in Ontario, Canada (19. January 2016) I agree with the first comment, that there is no need to put "ethical" in front of veganism. Veganism is inherently based on ethics.