1. A

    Discouraging week

    To start, I am transitioning. This past week I got hives for the first time in my life. Naturally I assume it’s from the new vitamins I started taking. What else could it be?! Today I am 98% positive it is not the vitamins and it is SOY. My absolute favorite non-dairy substitute, which is found...
  2. Wayne McGrath

    Been vegan for 6 months but, think i'm about to crumble.

    Hello, First time poster/first time on any forum ever actually but, since I'm the only vegan I know I really need others opinions on this serious dilemma I'm having. So, first of all to give a little background about me, I'm not your usual vegan, heck I might not even technically be a vegan...
  3. youngbroccoli

    Level 5 vegan

    So, June will mark ten years of not eating meat. I was a vegetarian for eight years before transitioning to veganism - the only issue I have with veganism is finding decent looking vegan shoes. I have an impulse to wear nonvegan shoes... would this make me a completely terrible monster...