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    Misc House for Rent/Sale at Vegan Community/ Ecuador

    FOR RENT / FOR SALE: 🏡🍍🌱 Make your dream of living with nature in a vegan community come true! This home is on 2 acres at Fruit Haven Ecovillage, which is dedicated to creating a sustainable community that incorporates permaculture fruit farms with plant-based living as some of its core values...
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    I’m New here!

    I went vegan around 8 years ago. I just found this forum. I figured it be a nice place to get to know others. I enjoy art and writing. I enjoy walking and yoga sometimes. I looking to make connections with others.
  3. B

    Your thoughts on alternatives?

    I would like to know your personal thoughts and feelings toward vegan alternatives. (Vegan Food Alternatives) Alternatives Like or similiar to: Plant-based milk Plant-based Milk products: Cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter, etc. Plant-based proteins: tofu, boca (veggie chickn patties)...
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    Vegan community study

    Survey (google form) link https/ Hello everyone! I am an undergraduate student investigating community. I have chosen the Vegan Forum to be part of my thesis. Mainly I am looking at how a sense of community is different between virtual/interest communities and...
  5. Soffiare

    Vegans in chile

    Hi! I live in Chile and while I am still not a vegan (soon soon) I want to know if there is a community that I could be part of and that could help me shlw my parents the benefits of this lifestyle. So if you are vegan and in Chile feel free to contact me :) I look forward to meeting you
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    Diggers and Dreamers

    Today I discovered this site: I have huge respect for community living and was warmed to see that there is definitely a growing-strong link between UK intentional communities and veganism. What do you think of communes and eco villages?
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    Media kindness is power Hey guys, I started a blog earlier this year. I have been vegan fow a few years but i still get frustrated with the lack of information or products available. I have dedicated my blog to cruelty free clean living. I study nutrition and have a background in the beauty...