1. kachangski

    Insight: The Hidden Cost of Coffee

    Agriculture is the leading factor in global deforestation, accounting for 80% of tree loss in the world's rainforests.
  2. D

    A Vegan Coffee Whitener That I Swear by!

    Hi everyone, I am an employee of a company 'Discount Coffee', Myself and a few of my workmates have been vegans for a while now and have been trying to launch a new vegan milk substitute product to the market for some time. After months of testing, we are glad to say we are one of the first...
  3. Susanne A.

    Thoughts on coffee-drinking

    There are as many opinions as there are people. Once I read that coffee is bad in general, the other time I discover that is is actually really beneficial. I drink lots of coffee, and I tried to switch to other caffeine providers such as cascara or yerba matte but it just doesn't do it for me...
  4. orlaellen

    Eating and drinking on the go

    Hi, I'm new at veganism although an experienced vegetarian. I used to love getting a hot chocolate in the morning on my way to school, but I find that lots of places aren't able to make vegan hot chocolates for me even with soya milk as there is usually cow's milk in the powder. I know that I...
  5. silva

    Anyone know Lairds vegan creamers?

    There was a whole rack of these powdered "superfood" creamers at Fresh Thyme. They were big 8 oz bags for $9.99. I don't take cream in my coffee, but I was very interested in the cocoa one! They also have things like that mushroom elixer. I looked at their website and am very interested, besides...
  6. Mark Mywordz

    How vegan are you?

    How vegan are you? Answer Y (yes) or N (no) to the following questions. Your plane makes an emergency landing in the Andes. You realize it will take 3 or 4 days of hard walking and climbing to get back to civilization. Do you eat that bird with the broken wing or risk death from lack of...
  7. M

    Coffee/tea sweetness with no refined sugar...

    Hi, I'm a Vegan newbie and have a few questions about what you use to sweeten your coffee/tea without having to use refined white sugar. I usually put honey in my tea (and am toying with the idea of eliminating honey to be a more conscientious vegan) And I sometimes put almond milk in my...
  8. Candela

    Is non-dairy coffee creamer really non-dairy?

    I was looking at the label on the coffee creamer we use at home here in order to see if it was okay for my mother to have. She has to follow a low-fat diet because she has gastrointestinal problems and had her gallbladder removed a while ago. Anyway, I happened to look at the ingredients and to...
  9. L

    Vegan coffee shop advice

    Hi there, I was wondering if there's anybody here with a vegan coffee shop or experience with coffee machines and vegan milk...Is there any specific kind of machine or milk (soya, rice, almond etc) that works best? thank you