1. Damo

    Weekly digest emails

    Hey! So currently weekly digest emails are sent every Saturday labelled as "Last Week's Most Popular Topics", now that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense being delivered on a Saturday, so we're going to be sending weekly digest emails Monday's rather than Saturday's. :)
  2. VeganForum

    Updates/Changes - Prefixes

    Greetings. We changed domains Earlier today we moved the forum from our to our .org domain. Anyone that visits our old domain will be re-directed to our current, you will need to log back into your account though everything else remains the same. Ads Prefixes The ads section is...
  3. Damo

    Forum Amendments

    As you're probably aware a whole section has vanished from the forum, I have decided to remove the vegetarianism section from the forum as the section is basically "dead" and because we're a vegan forum. We did originally open with both veganism/vegetarianism sections on the forum but it turns...