1. Yureyc

    Product Vegan Leather Belts

    Welcome to the Vegan Leather Belts Poll! I'm excited to hear your thoughts on this fashion choice. Whether you have a strong preference for cruelty-free options or you're a traditional leather enthusiast, or maybe you're simply curious about vegan leather belts, your opinion matters a lot...
  2. A

    Product LOOK AT THIS! The First belt made by RECYCLED CORK!

    Hey guys look at what I've found! A real belt made by RECYCLED CORK!! It's just for 25$ and it's FREE shipping worldwide! I found it on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website and IT'S FOR ONLY 30 DAYS...SO HURRY UP GO FUND THEM! I have immediately bought 2 cork belts! Here's the link...