1. R

    Bruno the Dog

    Hello 👋, PLEASE would someone adopt Bruno, before it’s too late? Thanks.
  2. R

    Boots in San Antonio

    Please, look into my eyes. Aren’t I lovely enough? Please won’t someone adopt before my time is up? I will be killed if not out of the shelter in one day. Please, even if you don’t want to adopt me or you can’t adopt me for whatever reason, please share my page and this post with as many...
  3. cozyelixir

    US 🐈‍⬛🏡Patricia Needs a home

    Alias: Pita Pata Patricia Age: 10 years (minimum) Female (spayed) We live in OR area and are willing to meet you if you live in a state close by.🌿🌿 This sweet old lady is a retired baker from florida. Her favorite sweets to bake are shortbread cookies, scones, and mini pies🍰. On weekends you...
  4. MorellaRat

    We're adopting!

    Hi everyone, Sorry for being quiet for a few days but my husband and I decided to start the first pre stages of the adoption process, really excited! Has anyone else on here adopted? I'm very glad to say I mentioned we were vegan immediately and they've had no issues with it whatsoever.