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Jan 23, 2023
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I've become more aware recently (actually triggered by a book group discussion) that I view the world, and respond to situations, in a different way to most people and, having done a bit of research and a lot of self analysis, I've come to the conclusion that I would define myself as an "empath" or "highly sensitive person". Apparently this definition applies to 1 - 2% of the population. I'm wondering (expecting probably) if this trait is more common in vegans? It certainly explains why I spend all my time to rescue animals in distress and can't bear the idea of animals suffering. Does anyone else here feel that they fall into this category? It would be nice to feel that I am not alone!
I think I might fall into that category as well. Although, for self preservation I have learnt to shield myself and not constantly get myself into situations where I need to spend my time, energy and money on people or animals in need/trouble. Because it is neverending, and I would soon be completely drained.
I feel (well, I also think it) that this will be the case for a very large percentage of people following a vegan (or at least vegetarian) lifestyle.

I posted a somehow similar question a time ago:
yes, I do believe I fall into this category - I have a very tough time in certain situations and with certain types of people and have also learned to shield myself

eg years ago I went to Cuba and had to stay on the resort as my on foray into town was too heartbreaking for me even though I went prepared
eg I gave presentation, on behalf of the Red Cross (years ago), to a large group of seniors and they literally drained my energy to the point I could barely leave the venue
eg watching TV and someone trips and falls, or is in a high/edge of cliff type situation and my entire body reacts

Emma JC
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I think I too fit into this "spectrum" as I can't stand to see anyone, either animal or human suffer. I cry at those commercials on TV (Humane Society, I think). I don't watch movies or read books where I know the dog dies!
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I think it would be horrific if those with extra sensitivity didn't make every effort to not cause suffering. I would expect them all to be vegan, or as they could manage.
To me it would be like an average person eating an animal alive!
I actually have issues with emotions in others, but avoid causing any unneeded suffering. I think everyone knows they would not want it done to them
I had a roommate who introduced me to the concept of "the highly sensitive person" and described herself as such.... but she wasnt more empathic than average, just more neurotic :joy:

I think im more sensitive to stimuli and more reactive to other people's emotional states and have about average if not less than average empathy. Im autistic, possibly have or had SzPD and OCD, and grew up in a broken home. Ive always been quite empahic with animals because i grew up around them, was fascinated by nature, and animals were more relateable to me than humans.